The Knoxville wildcards of COOLRUNNINGS had a one night stand with Too Pure Singles Club. And the result was this 7” baby with Fool Moon on the A-side and Rusk on the B. COOLRUNNINGS will never cease to impress me with how with each release, they evolve, and dip into some unknown, or at least, unrealized well of talent. This song, is epic. That’s it. 

Go buy the 7” from Too Pure or Rough Trade

Also peruse the father label Dracula Horse for unwavering goodness.

Hard Mix = Sacrifices

The sweet hearts over at Heart Music Group just dropped like a ton of bricks this free EP Tribes featuring some of their “talent”. The above is a new Hard Mix song that just serves as further evidence that he’s getting better by the minute. The EP features two remixes by our favorite UK beat genius Star Slinger, as he is the newest member of the Heart Music Group. A happy day for all.

Oh and if that wasn’t good enough news, Wise Blood decided to rework some K-Ci and JoJo, thank god.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Also, if you’re in LA come out to a FREE event HMG and Puma are putting together, featuring set by Baths himself.

COOLRUNNINGS = When I Got High With You

Go download all their music for free.


(via wefollowus) «<give them a follow, very worth it.

Walsh - DTF

It’s nearing midnight. You’re in a cramped car full of friendly faces. Everyone goes quiet, and you realize the air is getting foggy. Then “DTF” drops, and suddenly all differentiation disappears.

Brandon Biondo knows how to craft perfectly pulsing electro dance/chill jams so well it will have your head spinning. As far as I’m concerned, the guy is unstoppable, and nearly completely unique in music making, COOLRUNNINGS and Walsh alike.

Go pick up this awesome EP “Smoke Weed About It” for FREE at bandcamp. You will have a really hard time regretting it.

Brandon Biondo - Sweetdraemz

Brandon Biondo has no constraints as to what kind of music he can produce. Woozy, dream-wave in this case, dark and driving in others, or just plain cruising USA in others.


COOLRUNNINGS’ master of ceremonies graced us with a sweet side project track (and video) a couple weeks ago, and he just dropped this new one onto his Soundcloud this morning. Tape warble, lazy sunset surf guitar and lullaby hums. Meow.