Chrome Sparks = <3 and Soul

There’s been a lot of space on Smoke Don’t Smoke inadvertently committed to the tunes coming from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Something that only over time do you find yourself wondering why there is such a concentrated collective of good music. Well when getting some serious hang time with Jeremy Malvin, aka Chrome Sparks, at SXSW this last year, he had brought up a great idea of putting together a compilation featuring some of these amazing artists. Of course I was on board.

Flash forward a few months later, and here it is. Aaural is the first compilation from Ann Arbor collective GRL MTN. Enjoy this brand new banger from Chrome Sparks above, and others from the likes of Kohwi, Subvader, Medicine Hat, Mellows, Promises and more!

Stream the whole thing here.

Download here.

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