Lizard Kisses = Slow Bones

Lizard Kisses, who I wrote about some time ago, have some new exciting stuff out. Just today, their very own Beko Digital Single was released. It consists of two “sides”. The above Slow Bones is the a-side, and Bottom Dollar the b-side. The single is up for free download at Beko DSL now.

What is even more mind blowing and exciting is that are selling the single in physical format. And not just any physical format. The two tracks, plus a bonus track, are being put on a never before seen (at least by me), CD-Record. That’s right, it’s a CD that also has a section of specifically grooved notches, that when played on a turntable produce music. The CD-Record is only $5 and can be purchased here.

And this video is for all of you non-believers and doubting Thomas’ :

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