Angel Olsen - Acrobat

I’m actually writing about this out of regret that I haven’t previously written about it. Angel Olsen's latest album, Half Way Home, is a bit of a departure for me, but has ended up being one of my most listened to albums of the year. And here I am realizing I’ve never once mentioned it on the music blog I run to share music I love…

Angel’s music captured me almost instantly. A minute into Acrobat, and I was in a trance. The music, which is perfectly suitable and simple, instantly is overshadowed by that voice. Her voice is something I’ve never really heard before. The range, the depth, and the strangeness of her voice is something completely irresistible to me. And where Acrobat is one of her more solemn tunes, there are plenty of upbeat tracks as well, such as The Waiting, that may have a more lively composition, but don’t get much lighter lyrically.

Every year, I seem to gleam on to one album during the transition of summer into fall. This year, that album was appropriately Half Way Home. Now if the weather here in LA would only realize that it’s the middle of November, and drop below 75 once in a while.    

You can pick up this amazing album from Bathetic Records now. And I’m sorry for not sharing this earlier. It won’t happen again. 

Video directed by Toshedeva Palani

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