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Some words from me:

Talking about music is a much different experience than listening to music. Genres at once confine, and define a musical endeavor. They can be offensive to some, and clarifying for others. Most recently genres grow like parasites, dividing into sub-genres, and even further into sub-sub-genres. Artists may always be disappointed with the genres they are inadvertently placed in by music writers, bloggers, and critics. But the fact that we have the luxury, not only of listening to more music than has ever been available, but to converse about it, is one I hope I never take for granted.

Genre creation will always be a fascinating process to watch. It happens everyday as the evolution of music outruns our ability to describe it.

Dopewave is an experiment in genre creation. Birthed out of a new group of young producers creating electronic sounds, that are simultaneously like nothing, and like everything you’ve ever heard. They reside primarily on SoundCloud, forcing us to become foragers among the clouds in constant search for that perfectly shaped sound. They are sounds that could attract several genres, from disco to trap, ambient to hip-hop, shoegaze to post-dub, and on and on. New sounds need new identifiers.

Flashlight Tag, Smoke Don’t Smoke, and Head Underwater have pooled their resources to gather a sample test for our great Dopewave experiment. We each foraged three producers of our choosing and asked for an exclusive track. Whether our findings were conclusive or not, may never be known in this world of constant evolution. Take a listen, and see for yourself if our hypothesis stands true ~ DOPEWAVE IS REAL.


1. Windslo - “It’s Too Late”
2. Peh Per Ghost - “When It’s For You”
3. Taquwami - “Λlieɳs”
4. MedicineHat - “Garden Child”
5. warui kettei - “Eden”
6. Trap Arnold - “||KingCup||”
7. thirtycenturyman - “October”
8. The Beach Boys - “I Know There’s An Answer (BeachesBeaches Remix)”
9. StewRat - “Freeze”

You can stream/download DOPEWAVE IS REAL for free @ Bandcamp.

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Much love,

-Smoke Don’t Smoke

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