Ghibli - Little Clique

Rare Pleasures is the most recent musical outpouring of Edmonton producer Tomas Michael. It is his unique interpretation of what he thinks a genre of music ought to be. That’s a bold notion to represent in an album. You are introduced to a genre, it becomes something you “love”, but as time passes that genre is re-invented and re-branded over and over, until it can become something you “hate”. In that respect, what Ghibli does with Rare Pleasures is impressive. And I promise, if you let it, it’ll make ya body move.

Here’s what Tom Mike had to say about it:

"It’s entirely sampled from youtube, varies in fidelity on almost every track, and the whole thing is just under 30 minutes long. I’m trying to bring back the excitement and freshness of what house was originally, instead of rehashing the same tired approaches that so many are using.  Thank you…"


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