Born Gold- Wombstone

If you haven’t heard by now, that the mystical creatures once known as GOBBLE GOBBLE have shape shifted into what is now known as Born Gold, then I don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life. It’s been over a year since I first met these guys. And I can say I haven’t met a more genuine group of artists since. To the core, from performance, to music, to personality, you will see fun and heart-feltedness. 

Holding tight to the ankle of this emerging baby was a second surprise. It’s name: Body Songs. The debut full-length has some things we’ve heard before, polished and re-mastered; as well as some brand new sounds that mark their territory as their new reincarnation. With birth, or in this case, rebirth, begins evolution. And I think we can expect this baby to grow to be a beautiful and shining star. And I’ll be here watching it and enjoying all the while.


Buy the beautiful white vinyl : HERE

*Download Body Songs four different ways, four different time for FREE!*

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    more BORN GOLD for y’alls, in case you forgot they used to be GOBBLEGOBBLE. you should download this. yep.
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